1.About palm oil

Palm oil and palm oil by-products play an important role in animal feed. Fats in palm oil are used as energy, providing essential fatty acids in the diet (linoleic and linolenic acids) that animals cannot synthesize, in addition, palm oil also contains vitamins that meet the needs of the dietary requirements of many different animals and different digestive physiology.

Palm oil fruit

2.Application of palm oil in animal feed

The digestive systems of cattle, pigs, and poultry differ in how they absorb, use, and break down fats and oils.

Cattle are ruminants in which the fermentation of carbohydrates in the rumen provides them with energy. Triglycerides will largely be hydrolyzed in the rumen by resident microorganisms, while unsaturated fatty acids are hydrogenated to saturated fatty acids if a small amount of triglycerides (>3% of the diet) are fed. fractions), especially unsaturated fats will inhibit microorganisms in the rumen and cause incomplete biohydrogenation. If biohydrogenation is not complete, an influx of trans-unsaturated or partially unsaturated fats/oils with double bonds into the small intestine can reduce feed intake and reduce production. production of beneficial fats as well as changes in the structure of beneficial fats. To overcome this problem, ruminant fats/oils need to be in a form that renders them inert in the rumen, such as calcium salts or soap of palm fatty acid distillation (CAPFAD).

Pigs and poultry are animals that rely on their enzymes to break down dietary triglycerides, fatty acids that are then absorbed in the small intestine along with diglycerides. Pigs and poultry can use relatively saturated as well as unsaturated fats in their diets, but the inclusion of unsaturated fats/oils results in more unsaturated fatty acids than body fat They make the carcass fat softer and this reduces the quality of the meat. Dietary saturated fats/oils strengthen the carcass fat, improving feed efficiency and growth rates.

Palm oil can be used to replace butter fat in milk substitutes to feed young animals their mother’s milk substitute and the perfect dietary supplement for poultry, pigs and cattle. As living standards rise, more and more animal products are consumed in the diet, including meat, dairy and eggs, livestock consumes about 33% of global grain and oilseed production.

Palm oil for animal feed

3.Palm oil use in the world

This use will increase dramatically over the next 15 years as more animal products are consumed, in addition, palm oil is used for biodiesel production.

The level of fat in palm oil is very suitable for the digestion and metabolism of animals.

We, Vinh Thanh Dat (VTDIMEXCO) specialize in supplying oils and fats domestically and for export with the ability to supply to the market up to 5.000 – 10.000 tons per month. Product quality, prestige, stable and long-term supply are the criteria that Vinh Thanh Dat (VTDIMEXCO) consider as priority.

Our specification of palm oils for animal feed as below:

Commodity name: Palm oil for animal feed

AV9% max
I&M1% max
Iod value50 – 55%
Color3 Red

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